Quality Croquet Mallets


The short story is that I have been making these mallets for over 20 years and have sold a few thousand around the world. They are used by top flight competitors as well as in many resorts, country clubs and even more back yards. Truly a case of one model fits all. These mallets are both handsome and durable and are perfectly designed for the job they are meant to do. 

As with our croquet balls we must issue a product warning here: Using an Arizona Croquet Mallet with those old wooden balls from a department store will almost surely shorten the ball’s service life. We strongly recommend you consider replacing those old wooden balls with our solid plastic balls. If you don’t do that now, you will before long...but what the heck you’ve wanted the best all along. 

These mallets will withstand rough terrain play (gonzo croquet) to the extent that the head will survive about any thing you do to it. And isn’t that the important thing? The handle is only the finest quality, well dried hardwood lovingly turned and hand finished, but there are limits to the abuse one can visit upon it before the unmentionable happens. While there is no better handle made, and I seldom replace a broken handle, but, if we are still on speaking terms, a replacement won’t cost you all that much (and hopefully your friends will be more careful in the future).


Weight: 3 pounds + or - a bit
Finish: 3 or more coats of UV stabilized urethane
Head size: 9” X 21/4” X 2 1/4” (mostly)
Material: Phenolic laminated plastic with canvas filler
Sight line: indented, can be inlaid
Handle size: 36 inches overall length
Grip cross section: 1” X 1 1/4” tang 3/4” diameter & cut for a wedge
Material: dried, quarter sawn, hard maple grip: optional, fine English leather