Croquet Hoops

Croquet Balls

Our balls are cast from Pollymethylene Polyphenyl Isocyanate (say bowling ball...without the finger holes), which are finished in a machine shop, leaving you with a truly round, polished ball. That may not be a high priority if you play in long grass, but it can't hurt, and if you are playing on a well-manicured croquet court it counts. The color is throughout, so if you manage to chip a ball, it won't be very visible, Chip if you can, but if you manage to actually break one in the first 12 months, We will replace it free of charge, provided you send me the debris. (We are doing DNA studies on failed balls, but so far have only six to work with.) 

We don't recommend using these croquet balls with mallets from lesser sources as the balls will eat up wooden mallets in no time at all.

Diameter : 5 5/8ths Inches

Weight : 16 Ounces

Resiliency : Too much for sqanctioned tournament use ( which is a real plus in tall grass.)